Water Filters

UTP High performance filters comply with the highest standards of WQA (World Association for Quality of Water) and FWQA (Florida Water Quality Association).

The use of the KDF® filtering system which includes high quality activated carbon and microfilters results in a 99% exclusion of noxious elements from water, among others, chlorine, heavy metals, lead, mercury, copper, arsenicum, cadmium, calcium carbonate, chromium, herbicides and pesticides, bacteriae and algae as well as harmful elements of organic and chemical origin.

UTP High performance filters for drinking water introduce the most advanced technology and turns a dubios tap water into a source of health with crystal clear, pure drinking water.


Only 1% of total natural water available is pure drinking water.

Water from wells and natural sources is becoming scare. Close to 80 to 90% of waters come from lakes, rivers and water processing plants. These waters become loaded with many harmful elements.

Pollution contents in drinking water often surpasses highest permitted values and consumption of these waters may result harmful for your health.

Even shower contact with the skin may include risks.

The WHO ( World Health Organisiation) refers up to 80% of diseases caused by polluted water. Is it that top authorized values are too permissive?

◊ Chlorine erodes the skin and is cause of numerous internal diseases.
◊ Chemical and organic pollutants suchz as herbicides, pesticides, bacteria, germs and fugii arte carriers of diseases.
◊ Calcium derivates destroy pipes, taps, coffee machines, washing machines, etc.

Small babies, children, the elderly and all of those suffering from allergies and neurodermitis depend on a healthy water, free from harmful pollutants.


Developed by NASA and imported from the U.S.

UTP Filters, designed for high performance are maintenance free, and safe and efficient for your health.

High performance standing filter. Model no 77

Simply connect the hose on to your tap. The device comes with an optional conmuter for filtred and non filtred water.

Maximum performance of filter: 10.000 liters

Cost of liter of filtred water: Aprox. 0,5 Eurocents.

High performance filter for shower. Model no 44

Indispenable for delicate skin and weak hair. Up to 99% less chlorine in water heated up to 50°C. Specially indicated for sensitive skin, neurodermitis, acne and other skin conditions such as allergy. (KDF filtering system). Connect the shower filter on to the tap and adjust the shower hose to the filter system.

Maximum performance of filter: 60.000 liters

Cost of liter of filtred water: Aprox. 0,2 Eurocents.

High performance – High volume filter. Model no IL 6, IL 7, IL 9

For full home supply, urbanizaciones, houses, restaurants, hotels, ect.

Cost of filter per liter: Aprox. 0,1 Eurocents

Maximum Performance of filters

IL 6 800.000 liter
IL 7 1.600.000 liter
IL 9 2.600.000 liter